Pirelli remain on top of the FIM Motocross World Championship at Mantova for the Grand Prix of Lombardia

Tim Gajser wins once more and holds the Red Plate in the MXGP class, Jeffrey Herlings still rules in MX2 and is again unbeatable through the sand

Hot weather and high humidity greeted the riders at Mantova for the twelfth round of the 2016 FIM Motocross World Championship; the Grand Prix of Lombardia. The ‘Tazio Nuvolari’ layout is made from sandy soil and was the stage for more great performance from the SCORPION MX™ SOFT 410 rear and SCORPION™ MX32™ MID SOFT front; tyres that allowed Pirelli to grab victory in both classes and to dominate again this season. Tim Gajser showed his great strength and rode to a strong double win at Mantova. Author of excellent starts and consistently forceful, the Slovenian rookie used SCORPION MX32™ MID SOFT 80/100-21 front and SCORPION MX™ SOFT 410 120/80-19 rear for his moto haul in Italy. In the championship standings his lead rose to 92 points with six GPs still to go. Mantova saw a great race by Antonio Cairoli who, thanks to fourth overall, rose to second place in the championship table surpassing Romain Febvre, who was absent due to the head injury sustained in England. The eight-time world champion - nursing a battered hand after a heavy landing sustained in England seven days earlier - fought like a lion and after starting first in race two he tried to defy Gajser. In the last part of the race, due to a slip, he lost a position and dropped to third. Two good rides allowed Jeremy Van Horebeek to occupy fifth place overall at the end of the day. Jeffrey Herlings won the MX2 class for the twelfth time in a row. The Dutch rider tamed the sandy Italian circuit thanks to SCORPION™ MX32™ MUD 110/90-19 rear and SCORPION™ MX32™ MID SOFT 80/100-21 front. A good race was also had by Dylan Ferrandis who obtained the third place overall. Thomas Covington rode well to grab fourth and Pauls Jonass was fifth, and unlucky in race one but rode to a strong second place in the second moto. Pirelli also owned the eighth round of the EMX250 European Championship which belonged to Dutch rider Bas Vaessen. After twelve exciting outings the FIM Motocross World Championship will stop for four weeks. On July 24th the riders will take part in the Grand Prix of the Czech Republic which will be hosted within the beautiful “Serpentine” circuit at Loket. Race results: MXGP Race 1 1. GAJSER Tim (SLO) 2. DESALLE Clement (BEL) 3. PAULIN Gautier (FRA) 4. NAGL Max (GER) 5. VAN HOREBEEK Jeremy (BEL) MXGP race 2 1. GAJSER Tim (SLO) 2. PAULIN Gautier (FRA) 3. CAIROLI Antonio (ITA) 4.DESALLE Clement (BEL) 5. COLDENHOFF Glenn (NED) MX2 race 1 1. HERLINGS Jeffrey (NED) 2. BOGERS Brian (NED) 3. FERRANDIS Dylan (FRA) 4. COVINGTON Thomas (USA) 5. ANSTIE Max (GBR) MX2 race 2 1. HERLINGS Jeffrey (NED) 2. JONASS Pauls (LAT) 3. BOGERS Brian (NED) 4. PATUREL Benoit (FRA) 5. COVINGTON Thomas (USA) GP Overall: MXGP 1. GAJSER Tim (SLO) 2. PAULIN Gautier (FRA) 3.DESALLE Clement (BEL) 4. CAIROLI Antonio (ITA) 5. VAN HOREBEEK Jeremy (BEL) MX2 1. HERLINGS Jeffrey (NED) 2.BOGERS Brian (NED) 3. FERRANDIS Dylan (FRA) 4. COVINGTON Thomas (USA) 5. JONASS Pauls (LAT) Championship overall: MXGP 1. GAJSER Tim (SLO) p.532 2. CAIROLI Antonio (ITA) p.440 3. FEBVRE Romain (FRA) p.408 4. NAGL Maximilian (GER) p.401 5.BOBRYSHEV Evgeny (RUS)p.396 6. VAN HOREBEEK Jeremy (BEL) p.351 MX2 1. HERLINGS Jeffrey (NED) p.597 2. SEEWER Jeremy (SUI) p.428 3. JONASS Pauls (LAT) p.403 4.PATUREL Benoit (FRA) p.325 5 TONKOV Aleksandr (RUS) p.320 6. FERRANDIS Dylan (FRA) p.308