Pirelli renews its commitment to road safety

Pirelli’s commitment to the European Road Safety Charter is to continue for a further two years. The company has therefore undertaken to develop educational programmes to promote safe driving and compliance with the highway code. The European Road Safety Charter is a participatory platform launched by the European Commission in 2004 comprising businesses, associations, research institutes and public bodies with the aim of reducing road accident fatalities. The Charter has more than 2000 signatories throughout Europe that are carrying out concrete actions to improve road safety and prevent accidents, including educational programmes to promote safe driving and compliance with the highway code, as well as the development of technical standards regulating road and vehicle safety. In signing the European Charter and confirming its longstanding commitment to improving road safety, Pirelli has shared the Commission’s invitation to make road transport more sustainable. Tyres play a key role in road safety, being the only point of contact between vehicle and road. This means that their condition, in particular pressure and wear, is a vital factor for driving stability and safety. Besides directing consumer choice towards top-of-the-range tyres, the result of innovation and research designed to optimise performance, Pirelli is especially committed to actions to provide help for young people learning to ride motorbikes and scooters and cooperation programmes with driving schools aimed at improving owners and instructors’ knowledge about tyre safety and maintenance.