Pirelli Sets 24hr World Duration Record on new Angel St

Nardò (Lecce, Italy) March 14-15th 2009 - Pirelli technical staff returned to the prestigious Nardò Technical Center with guests from worldwide motorcycle publications to participate in a 24-hr World Record event at the high-speed ring during the days of March 14th and 15th. As a part of its dynamic launch activities of a new product for the sport touring segment called ANGEL ST, Pirelli reached seven timed Duration World Records (long distance and period), each with a corresponding average speed.

The more impressive records set during this event include one 24-hour World Duration Record in the FIM Category A11 (class > 1000cc to 1350cc) and the other for a period of 12-hours in the FIM Category A12 (class > 1350 to 2000cc).  In the A11 class, the Pirelli testing staff and guests on a 2009 Suzuki Hayabusa covered a total of 5135.071 km (3190.8 mi) and at an average speed of 213.961 km/h (132.9 mph) over the 24-hour period, marking the new World Record.

On a 2009 Kawasaki GTR 1400 in the A12 class, riders covered 2502.873 km (1555.2 mi) and averaged 208.573 km/h (129.6 mph), registering the first 12-hour World Duration Record for a motorcycle in this class. This feat was especially emotional, for on the last lap which would pass the 12-hour time, a mechanical problem halted the bike at the 5-mile marker just after midnight, thus ending the chance to make the full 24 hours. The pilot on board and also the oldest member of the testing department with 54 years of age, through all measures of audible encouragement from his whole team and FIM steward, pushed the motorcycle over seven kilometers to cross the chronometrist's line and register the lap before celebrating this final milestone with his team. Holding his spirits and gathering the strength to finish was a perfect representation of the passion that is the core of Pirelli's DNA.

Since there were no previously registered records for the A12 class, new World Records were also logged for the following distances and periods:

A12 (class > 1350cc to 2000cc) New World Records

Distance Time Avg. Speed Time Distance Avg. Speed
10km (6.2 mi) 2:29.987 240.021 km/h (141.1 mph) 1 hr 222.752 km 222.752 km/h (138.4 mph)
100km (62.1 mi) 26:08.277 229.551 km/h (142.6 mph) 6 hr 1320.244 km 220.041 km/h (136.7 mph)
1000km (621.4 mi) 4:30:20.514 221.123 km/h (137.4 mph) 12 hr 2502.873 km 208.573 km/h (129.6 mph)
*Subject to ratification by the FIM.

Pirelli technical staff participating in this event, including both the Directors of R&D (Piero Misani) and Testing (Salvo Pennisi) rode the first laps and again periodically throughout the night, added another record to those which they had themselves set in June of 2000 in the A11 Category on Suzuki Hayabusa of the same year.

A11 (class > 1000cc to 1350cc) World Records (Previously set in 2000 by Pirelli)

Distance Time Avg. Speed Time Distance Avg. Speed
10km (6.2 mi) 2:09.480 278.035 km/h 1 hr 246.935 km 246.935 km/h
100km (62.1 mi) 20:25.290 293.808 km/h 6 hr 1618.550 km 269.758 km/h
1000km (621.4 mi) 3:38:03.10 274.954 km/h 12 hr 3043.565 km 253.630 km/h

The World Record event featured the use of Pirelli's new Angel ST, the first motorcycle tyre with a changing tread pattern and footprint design on the ground: first the appearance of an Angel, then after 1,000 km (621 mi) the silhouette of a Demon, representing at the same time the double soul of the product - reliable and sporty. The test demonstrated not only Angel ST's safety and high speed stability, but also its durability and overall sport performance while the participants flew nearly 5,000 km (3,107 mi) around the ring of Nardò, a road tour simulation equal to 12,000 km (7,546 mi) at normal speeds.

The circuit performance demonstration ran as a 24-hour non-stop ride aboard a 2009 Suzuki Hayabusa (A11) and a 2009 Kawasaki GTR 1400 (A12), which are classed individually for the purposes of this FIM Duration World Record.  Each of the 30 participants to the records rode aboard at least one of two motorcycles for duration of half of an hour (20 min + technical time).

The Nardò Technical Center is a 3-lane ring with a total width of 16 meters (17.5 yds) and a circumference of 12.5 km (7.8 mi).  It is the longest circular track in Europe, where high speeds (240 km/h) may be reached in complete safety, thanks to compensation from its parabolic profile.  In fact, the entire Pirelli Tyre group, along with most important international car makers and component manufacturers are able to test their products here in complete safety and maximum privacy.

List of Participants

Journalists Testing Department
Bartlomiej Wiczynski S. Pennisi
Mentis Charalambos P. Misani
Diego Giugovaz A. Abate
Lars Rullfs A. Picciotto
Tobias Bovin P. Braccini
Paulus Leonardus Mooijman A. Speranzoni
Philippe Guillame D. Oliveri
Uwe Seitz M. Pulverenti
Andreas Bildl G. Smedile
Roland Resch M. Corallini
Markus Schmidt S. Di Prima
Antonio Maeso R. Scandurra
Sergio Fernandez Romero
Ozdem Veli Erdem
Konstantinos Tarnavas