Pirelli: the group's new portal comes on line

In the revamped pirelli.com you can change tyres in just 2 "clicks"

Milan, 18 September 2006 - Pirelli has put its new web site www.pirelli.com on line. Featuring striking graphics, the new portal exclusively holds all the information about the Group's operations.

The institutional content of Pirelli & C. SpA, together with the sites for all the companies of the Group (Tyre, Pirelli RE, Broadband Solutions, and Ambiente) and the Pirelli Labs research centre can now be accessed from a single source. In the part of the site dedicated to Pirelli Tyre, the surfers-drivers will be able to change tyres through an immediate and intuitive procedure.

The project, which forms part of the wider program of web renovation also involving the cult sites (Calendar, Fashion and Pirellifilm), aims to best present the features of the Group and is intended to be a useful and effective tool for internet users and for stakeholders in particular.

This portal stands out for its comprehensiveness, clarity of content and excellent accessibility.

The innovations include the system for the audio/video broadcasting of financial and institutional events, the introduction of an innovative Toolbox with new advanced functions (such as the interactive diary that can be synchronised with a PC), the introduction of RSS Feeder technology (a system that enables the content requested to be viewed directly on the PC desktop without having to visit the site) and the Mail&Phone Alert (an automatic notification system via e-mail or SMS to report changes in the items of interest).

Particularly interesting is the reorganisation of the contents of the Tyre section, where all the relevant information on the updated product range, together with the technological research applied to tyres in order to achieve the highest levels in terms of security and performance, can be found easily and immediately.
The range of products and the "fitment chart" - a tool enabling the users to precisely and rapidly display the most suitable tyres for their car - can be accessed simply and intuitively.

The sites of the worldwide affiliates of the Pirelli Group are also being revamped. By the end of 2006, 38 local sites will be gradually reorganised and made uniform, whilst respecting the cultural and business needs of each individual country.

The institutional content relating to the parent company Pirelli & C. SpA, especially with regard to Investor Relations, Corporate Governance, Sustainability and Media, has been developed and adapted in order to achieve the level of accessibility and transparency of the international best practice for companies listed on the Stock Exchange, with particular reference to the IR Web Ranking and Hallvarsson&Halvarsson standards.

Particular attention has been paid to the qualitative and quantitative enhancement of the Careers section within the Group site. It is worth noting the section "Professional Families and Career Paths", designed to help the user to learn more about the possibilities for joining the Group and professional growth within the Pirelli working environment.

The coordination, design and conceptualisation was performed by SSC, a consortium of the Group that manages its IT operations, in collaboration with Nurun Italia for the graphic design.