Pirelli tyre-Fioravanti agreement


Patent acquired for the future development of Cyber Tyre

Milan, 30th November 2006. Pirelli Tyres and Fioravanti, together for the development of the tyre of the future. The Pirelli group company and the well-known design and styling firm from the Turin area have reached an agreement regarding the acquisition by Pirelli Tyres of the rights to the Fioravanti patent for: a method and system for monitoring the tyre footprints of a motor vehicle, particularly for automatically optimizing the behaviour of the motor vehicle".

The acquisition of the rights to the Fioravanti patent will allow Pirelli to bring the Cyber Tyre products it is currently developing to the market more quickly. The process patented by Fioravanti, the first in the field, contributes to the development of a system capable of transmitting information regarding the instantaneous forces regulating vehicle dynamics by way of miniaturised electronic sensors using wireless transmission technology.
This feature is vital to the increased performance and safety of future interactive vehicle control systems. Thanks to these technologies, the driver of the near future will benefit from improvements in the driveability of their vehicle in complete safety, even in critical conditions.

Fioravanti has multiple grounds for pride and satisfaction: firstly, for having reached this agreement with a great and historical Italian company such as Pirelli that has always been part of the technological avant-garde, demonstrating that a systemic approach is possible in Italy even between enterprises of different dimensions; furthermore and above all, for having been able to contribute to the forthcoming innovations in the field of intelligent tyres thanks to its efforts in the research field and with one of its patents", they explain in Fioravanti Srl.

This agreement confirms Pirelli Tyres' vocation for technological leadership, enhancing and completing its Cyber Tyre technology with this patent.

Cyber Tyre is a Pirelli system consisting of a true tyre memory that uses the vehicle's on-board computer to provide the driver with a series of real time data regarding the operation status of the tyres. All the identifying information relating to the tyre, from its manufacture to its performance in diverse conditions, including deflated use in the case of Run Flat products, are recorded and transmitted to the vehicle.

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