Pirelli will be present with racing service during the 2012 Alpe Adria Road Racing championship season

Thanks to the partnership with IV Racing Service based in Brno, in the CzechRepublic, this year Pirelli will again be able to ensure a professional fitment and technical support serviceas well as provide availability tyres of various compounds and sizes for the entire 2012 Alpe Adria RoadRacing Championship. So Pirelli will be able to provide the participating riders with all the performance benefits of Pirelli tyres, which won in the Supersport category last year and which placed extremely well in all the other classes of the championship: 3rd place in Superbike, 3rd in Superstock 1000, 2nd in Superstock 600 and 2nd in the 125 Sport Production class. More specifically, riders in the Supersport class will have Diablo Supercorsa SC tyres available in 120/70-17 for the front and 180/60-17 for the rear, whereas Superbike riders will be able to mount Diablo Superbike 120/70-17 tyres up front and 200/60-17 on the rear. For those racing in the Stock 1000 and Stock 600 classes Diablo Supercorsa SC will be available respectively in 120/70-17 on the front and 200/55-17 on the rear for the 1000 bikes and 120/70-17 up front and 180/60-17 on the back for the 600 bikes. The 125 Sport Production class will be able to choose the Diablo Supercorsa SC 110/70-17 on the front and 150/60-17 for the rear while participants in the 125GP and Moto 3 classes will be able to mount Diablo Superbike tyres in the new sizes of 100/70-17 for the front and 125/70-17 for the rear. 2012 ALPE ADRIA ROAD RACING CHAMPIONSHIP CALENDAR

28/29 April Slovakiaring (Slovakian Republic)
12/13 May Brno (Czech Republic)
2/3 June Pannoniaring (Hungary)
16/17 June Rijeka (Croatia)
14/15 July Most (Czech Republic)
28/29 July Poznan (Poland)
18/19 August Rijeka (Croatia)
1/2 September Hungaroring (Hungary)
15/16 September Adria (Italy)