Pirelli’s new Diablo Rosso II is SBK technology

Dynamic test of Pirelli Moto’s new sportier, safer and yet more aggressive Supersport reference product at in Magny-Cours, France on April 1 In a dynamic test on the world famous Circuit of Nevers in France, Pirelli Moto introduces Diablo Rosso II, the new reference supersport road tyre from the Italian group with an improved sporty appeal, a personalisable identity, increased wet grip, regularity of wear and enhanced dry performances with its dual compound rear tyre. Infused with innovations developed during Pirelli’s seven years supplying tyres to the Superbike World Championship, Diablo Rosso II is the ultimate sport tyre of the Rosso Generation for absolute road use, replacing its predecessor with a product that incorporates new and proven technologies straight from this experience that confirms the formula Race=Road. RACE=ROAD Highlighting the Pirelli philosophy, “We sell what we race, we race what we sell,” the company’s development alongside seven key motorcycle manufactures on a world stage has accelerated Pirelli’s innovation and helped quickly transfer new structures, profiles and materials into ready-to-use technology for everyday users. Word Superbike demands tyres adaptive to different bike dynamics, traction control, engine types and power, along with suspension setups and riding styles on thirteen racetracks throughout an eight month season. These circuits, like Magny-Cours, have become extreme testing grounds on which Pirelli searches for new formulas easily fitting to all competing bikes in order that any given rider can adequately exploit their performances. This race versatility translates to versatility in product designed for the road, since the two share many common technical characteristics. In the same way, Pirelli’s Italian passion for racing maintains its competitive edge and helps maintain a strong link to its passion for quickly bringing these performances to the road. Pirelli’s involvement in SBK and other circuit racing competition is a critical element for its technology, tyre development and testing with a final goal: delivering product to end consumers that offers the highest quality and performance for everyday roads. DIABLO TRADEMARK – A PRESTIGIOUS HISTORY Since Pirelli’s entrance into the Superbike World Championship in 2004 as official tyre supplier, the Diablo trademark has grown in both prestige as well as influence on technological innovations of the Italian brand. The company’s accelerated innovation has generated new radial products nearly every year which cover all performance segments from full race slick, Racing Street-legal DOT, Racing Street to Supersport. It has contributed to what is defined as the ROSSO GENERATION tyre family, consisting of the new Diablo Rosso II and its trackday counterpart, the Diablo Rosso Corsa, a tyre whose strength is dry grip and track performance, both representing Pirelli’s top performance products for everyday use which have been selected through years of experience, race-driven technology and Italian racing heritage represented by the color red (or rosso ). Diablo Rosso II raises the bar of the Rosso Generation’s sport capabilities in respect to road use and is destined for Supersport and Naked bikes that demand top performance and riding safety in all types of use, from twisty countryside roads to city traffic and under both wet and dry conditions. The Rosso Generation premium radial tyre line utilizes modern technologies like patented 0° degree steel belt structure and those drawn from Pirelli’s WSBK experience, such as and contact patch optimization (EPT) and Functional Groove Design (FGD), along with attractive styling elements such as shoulder identification and the option to be personalised with unique labels (www.gettyre.com/stickers). SIZES AND AVAILABILTY Diablo Rosso II is available now in front 120/70ZR17 and 180/55, 190/50, 190/55ZR17 sizes, along with the uniquely OE fitment 240/45ZR17 for the 2011 Ducati Diavel. Additional front sizes 110/70, 120/60, and additional rears 150/60, 160/60 are available starting from April 2011, with the 170/60ZR17 size to follow in 2012. Additional details on the innovation and the technology of the Diablo Rosso II and other complimentary product of the Rosso Generation of motorcycle tyres are available on Pirelli’s website: www.pirelli.com.