Pirelli’s winter solutions for heavy-vehicles

As the winter season approaches it is necessary to prepare vehicles in good time and give end users the right advice on how to deal effectively with snow, ice and low temperatures. In the case of heavy vehicles (trucks and buses), winter tyre requirements as well as the definition of a winter tyre differ significantly amongst the national EU laws; often M+S marking is considered sufficient for use in winter conditions. However, at European level, UNECE Regulation 117, to be implemented  through Regulation (EC) 661/2009, requires also for  winter truck tyres  a minimum level of performance threshold on snow (traction). If the tyre meets the criteria, it can be marked with the new three-peak snowflake symbol. Pirelli winter truck tyres W:01 are already marked with the symbol in compliance with EU regulation. Generous deep siping and the optimised tread block/groove pattern provide excellent “snow-on-snow” grip, guaranteeing reduced braking distances and maximum traction. FW:01 (steer axle) and TW:01 (drive axle) 01 Series winter tyres have been designed by the Pirelli Research and Development Department to provide maximum performance and safety over medium and long distances on wet, snowy or icy surfaces and at temperatures below 4° centigrade. Compared to their predecessors they can offer: 20% higher mileage, 30% greater retreadability, 20% better snow traction and 10% more wet grip. The FW:01 tyre has been developed using a Pirelli patent (RSR – Rotated Shoulder Rib) that guarantees even wear and therefore excellent mileage. The TW:01 tread pattern is designed to collect and trap high quantities of snow in order to provide optimum “snow-on-snow” grip, thus keeping rear tyres and the entire vehicle firmly on the road. In addition to the 22.5" rim diameter, the FW:01 and TW:01 winter tyre lines are also available in sizes 215/75 R 17.5” 225/75 R 17.5” and 235/75 R 17.5.