Pit-stop: find your perfect tyre in five steps on the new Pirelli website

Use your personal avatar to select and test tyres from the comfort of your armchair New Pirelli website has a new look with expert advice, a virtual guide and tyre comparisons Choose a tyre and track test it to avoid any hidden surprises by using a personalised avatar that interprets your tastes and driving styles. This new feature is available to everyone on the new website, www.pirelli.com. In just a few clicks you can view the entire Pirelli tyre gallery, complete with technical specifications, custom solutions and expert advice on tyre selection. With its innovative and intuitive interface, the new Pirelli website lets every driver, motorcyclist and transport professional make a pit stop from the comfort of their own home. At www.pirelli.com, you'll not only be able to find your closest tyre dealer but you'll also be able to compare specifications of all Pirelli’s tyres to find the one best suited to your driving style, habits and individual needs. The website, www.pirelli.com, which already contains specific content for Italy and the UK and is coming soon to Germany, the USA and 25 other countries, is a global platform offering access to the entire Pirelli product range for cars, motorcycles and trucks. At step one you create your personal profile: simply enter your name and gender to create an avatar which will search for the tyre that best suits your needs, driving style and annual mileage. In step two, you select your vehicle model, while step three offers in-depth advice from experts such as Andrea De Adamich, Director of the Centro Internazionale Guida Sicura (International Safe Driving Centre) and a former professional driver, Horacio Pagani, Founder and Chairman of Pagani Automobili, and a team of Pirelli engineers who will explain how to choose the best tyre. To give you a preview of your new tyre's features, the fourth step takes you through a driving simulation on Pirelli's Vizzola Ticino test track: 2500 metres on which you can test braking, grip, noise and rolling. Finally, the fifth step shows your nearest tyre specialist on an updated map of Pirelli dealers, through which you can reserve the tyres and arrange a collection date. The new site forms part of Pirelli's online network, which had almost 10 million visits in 2010 - 32% more than last year. Browsing time has also risen, reaching an average of three minutes 12 seconds. Pirelli also has plenty of videos accessible on YouTube (www.youtube.com/pirelli) and is on Facebook (www.facebook.com/pirelli) and Twitter (www.twitter.com/pirelli_media). Photographs are avaible from: http://video.pirellityre.com/share/pirelli/tyres/geneva_motor_show/