Pubblication of additions to the information document prepared in accordance with art. 5 of Consob’s Regluation no. 17221 of 12.3.2010 and the procedure for operations with related parties adopted by

Pirelli & C. states that today – at the request of Consob of May 9th, 2013 in accordance with art. 114, comma 4, of legislative decree no. 58/1998 – the following were deposited at the Company’s headquarters, in Milan at Viale Piero e Alberto Pirelli no. 25, published on the Company website www.pirelli.com as well as at Borsa Italiana S.p.A. - (i) addition to the Information Document – published on April 3rd, 2013 and prepared in accordance with Consob decision no. 17221 of March 12th, 2010 as subsequently modified and procedures for operations with related parties adopted by the Company – relative to Pirelli & C’s participation aimed at the asset reinforcement, financial rebalancing and industrial re-launch of the activities of Prelios S.p.A. through a recapitalization of the same and the re-modulation of its financial debt; (ii) the opinion of the legal expert charged with the evaluation of “possible qualifications regarding the nature of the credit of Pirelli & C. towards Prelios”  (published in attachment to the addition to the Information Document)


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