Safety and Environment, a few rules for getting the best out of tyres and cars

20% of overall vehicle consumption is affected by tyres. Tyres, in fact, are one of the most important elements for safety as they are the only contact the vehicle has with the road surface. The Cinturato P7 guarantees performance both in terms of safety and fuel savings (up to 4.2%), thanks to innovative solutions adopted by Pirelli’s R&D. Safety and ecology go hand-in-hand in many ways, including with respect to handling. Safe driving not only means reducing tyre wear, but also greater respect for the environment, thanks to lower consumption and consequent reduced noxious emissions. However, greater safety and respect for the environment need more than a speciallydesigned tyre. During its lifetime the tyre will require regular pressure checks and drivers need to follow a few rules of “virtuous” conduct: • Use air conditioning sparingly. • Remove all accessories like roof racks, bikes and containers that affect the aerodynamics of the vehicle • Check tyre pressure regularly and always before starting on a long journey. If tyres lack air there is more rolling resistance and the vehicle uses more fuel • Plan ahead for journeys on unknown routes and always check traffic news before setting off, to reduce the risk of getting lost; this means using less fuel and saves money as well as cutting down on pollution. • Avoid overloading the car. • Do not start the engine until you are ready to go and turn it off if you stop for more than three minutes. • Drive at the legal speed limit. • Whenever possible use the higher gear • When not required, turn off all electrical systems like rear de-icers.