Scorpion ATR, the tyre for all road surfaces

The Scorpion ATR is an all-terrain tyre for the 4x4 (SUV) markets designed by the Pirelli researchers to work to best effect on all road surfaces. Safety, performance and driving comfort are the key characteristics of the Pirelli Scorpion range that, thanks to its reinforced structure and the special symmetrical tread pattern, facilitates driving in response to motorists' demands even in extreme weather conditions. The Scorpion is also one of the tyres developed by Pirelli for the 2008 World Rally Championship of which the Milan-based firm is the sole supplier through to 2010.

For the Scorpion ATR Pirelli research focused on the need to guarantee drivers' optimum performance both on- off-road. The result is a tyre as robust as the vehicles it equips; a reliable and versatile product that is sure-footed even on treacherous road surfaces and rough ground. By concentrating above all on the tread pattern, the Pirelli engineers have succeeded in creating a product that retains full all-terrain capabilities while offering an excellent level of acoustic comfort even with a worn tread.