Sixty-third world title for Pirelli in the FIM Motocross World Championship thanks to the performance of Romain Febvre at the Grand Prix of Assen

Romain Febvre, second overall, is the new MXGP World Champion with two races left; in the MX2 class Tim Gajser won the Grand Prix and grabbed first position in the series

Romain Febvre podium

1,500 trucks of sand and a week of hard work transformed the Assen TT Circuit, one of the ‘cathedrals’ of motor racing and also the scene of many battles in the Superbike World Championship, into a sand track that has hosted the sixteenth round of the 2015 FIM Motocross World Championship: the Grand Prix of The Netherlands. The track, perfectly placed in front of the grandstands with 30000 fans, proved to be spectacular and was characterized by fine and compact sand – quite hard-packed in some placed – and on which the great performance of the Pirelli SCORPION™ MX SOFT 410 allowed the riders of the brand of the elongated P to hit great results in both classes. Thanks to victory in the second heat and the second place in the overall classification, Romain Febvre has become the new MXGP World Champion with two races left giving Pirelli its sixty-third world title in the Motocross World Championship. The French rider raced at Assen with SCORPION™ MX32™ 80/100-21 front and, unlike the other Pirelli riders, with SCORPION™ MX SOFT 410 120/80-19 at the rear – to best fit his riding style. Febvre has dominated for much of the season getting the title in his debut year, a result that had only been achieved in the past by eight-time World Champion Antonio Cairoli. Third place overall went to another rookie, Glenn Coldenhoff. The Dutchman, fast and steady, made the most from the SCORPION™ MX32™ 80/100-21 front and SCORPION™ MX SOFT 410 110/90-19 rear. Good performances also for Max Nagl and Jeremy Van Horebeek equipped with the same Pirelli tyres as Coldenhoff and who both finished the race in sixth and seventh place overall.

Romain Febvre action

Tim Gajser has won the MX2 class and took the red plate in the championship. The young Slovenian could count on SCORPION™ MX32™ 80/100-21 front and SCORPION™ MX SOFT 410 110/90-19 rear to win the first race and to grab the runner-up position in the second. Second place on the day went to Max Anstie who also on this occasion preferred to rely on Pirelli. A good fifth place was secured by Jeremy Seewer who is proving to be one of the protagonists of the MX2 class and deservedly occupies fifth position in the championship. Bad luck for Pauls Jonass. After finishing right behind Gajser the first heat was forced to stop in the pit lane due a technical problem with his front brake during the second. Later he re-joined the race and made a great comeback until fourteenth place limiting the damage to just 13 points to Gajser. Excellent Pirelli results in the World Championship were also reinforced in the last round of European EMX2 series where Nick Kouwemberg clinched the 2015 title. After a week off, the FIM Motocross World Championship will move to Leon, Mexico, for the penultimate round of the season. Results: MXGP race 1 1. SIMPSON Shaun (GBR) 2. PAULIN Gauiter (FRA) 3.BOBRYSHEV Evgeny (RUS) 4. COLDENHOFF Glenn (NED) 5. FEBVRE Romain (FRA)

Romain Febvre action

MXGP race 2 1. FEBVRE Romain (FRA) 2. COLDENHOFF Glenn (NED) 3.SIMPSON Shaun (GBR) 4.PAULIN Gauiter (FRA) 5. BOBRYSHEV Evgeny (RUS) MX2 race 1 1. GAJSER Tim (SLO) 2. JONASS Pauls (LAT) 3. LIEBER Julien (BEL) 4. VAN DONINCK Brent (BEL) 5. KULLAS Harri (FIN) MX2 race 2 1. ANSTIE Max (GBR) 2. GAJSER Tim (SLO) 3. SEEWER Jeremy (SUI) 4. VAN DONINCK Brent (BEL) 5. PETROV Petar (BUL) GP overall: MXGP 1. SIMPSON Shaun (GBR) 2. FEBVRE Romain (FRA) 3. COLDENHOFF Glenn (NED) 4.PAULIN Gauiter (FRA) 5. BOBRYSHEV Evgeny (RUS) MX2 1. GAJSER Tim (SLO) 2. ANSTIE Max (GBR) 3.VAN DONINCK Brent (BEL) 4.LIEBER Julien (BEL) 5. SEEWER Jeremy (SUI) Championship overall: MXGP 1. FEBVRE Romain (FRA) p.638 WORLD CHAMPION 2.PAULIN Gautier (FRA) p. 536 3.BOBRYSHEV Evgeny (RUS) p.499 4. SIMPSON Shaun (GBR) p. 437 5.CAIROLI Antonio (ITA) p.416 6. NAGL Maximilian (GER) p.414 MX2 1. GAJSER Tim (SLO) p.518 2. JONASS Pauls (LAT) p.505 3.ANSTIE Max (GBR) p.474 4.GUILLOD Valentin (SUI) p.446 5. SEEWER Jeremy (SUI) p.440 6. HERLINGS Jeffrey (OLA) p.423