The 01 Series improves performance in on-off

Mixed transport on the road and on site has two new allies from the 01 Series, the FG:01 for steer axles and TG:01 for drive axles. Higher mileage (+30%), outstanding tear resistance (+25%) and excellent retreadability (+10%) are the benefits that the new products can offer over their predecessors. Indeed, the new FG:01 and TG:01 stand out for their cost efficiency and safety in compliance with European regulations governing noise levels and rolling resistance (ECOIMPACT). These results have been achieved thanks to the use of innovative technological solutions and the latest-generation SATTTM (Spiral Advanced Technology for Truck) structure. The increased tread width promotes higher mileage and the reinforcing ribs on the sidewall provide improved protection against abrasion and side impacts. The tread pattern is designed to ensure the maximum traction on unsurfaced roads and excellent acoustic comfort, mileage and grip on surfaced roads. In particular, the TG:01 tread pattern features protective ribs on the base of the grooves to prevent the retention of stones, whilst the blocks have staggered sides to repel water and dirt and provide better grip. Compounds, especially that of the tread liner containing a large percentage of silica, are designed to prevent overheating. The tread is made using two different compounds for the inner and outer layer. In addition, the bead structure has been reinforced to provide greater impact resistance and load capacity. FG:01 and TG:01 are available in sizes 315/80R22.5, 295/80R22.5 and 13R22.5.