The excellence of Settimo Torinese's technology hub

Resulting from the integration of the two Pirelli plants already present into a single area of 250,000 square meters, the technology hub at Settimo Torinese is the most advanced in the Pirelli world in terms of its product and manufacturing process innovation, and its focus on sustainability and the quality of the working environment Thanks to the purchase of technologically advanced materials and machinery, the Pirelli Hub is now a benchmark for excellence in the world of Industry 4.0, the new paradigm of industrial production based on maximum computerisation, with the aim of taking the factory as far as possible into the future. An innovation that covers processes but also products, through the production of green and increasingly high-tech tyres. But technology inevitably interacts with people. In order to launch a new factory with machinery never before used by workers from a different environment, it was, in fact, essential to invest in people and especially in training for new professional roles. Today, in fact, the workers at the Settimo hub all have the kind of training that allows them to use their knowledge to help optimize processes, overcome critical problems and contribute to improving the machinery, thereby actively supporting the engineers charged with transferring know-how to the other Pirelli production sites worldwide.