The new P ZERO™ Digital Hub is online

P ZERO™ Digital Hub (http://www.pzero.com) is a new Pirelli web platform designed for content distribution and conversion. It includes all contents and services related to P ZERO™ world that Pirelli is going to set up during this year. The main content areas are:

  • New P ZERO™ and P ZERO CORSA™ unique technological features to ensure the perfect fit for various car models
  • The Pirelli homologation process, that works in parallel with the OEM's vehicle development process
  • P ZERO™ heritage:  thirty years, a continuous story of success on the road derived from motorsport activity
  • P ZERO™ cutting edge technologies – PNCS, Seal Inside, Run Flat
  • P ZERO™ central and local exclusive events
  • And last but not least our two main services for our web users: “Fit P ZERO™ on your Car” and our “Dealer Locator” to find the closest Pirelli dealer

The P ZERO™ Digital Hub has been developed in seven main languages to target Pirelli’s main markets: English, Italian, German, French, Spanish, Russian and Chinese.