The Pirelli brand’s international value

The brand logo is one of the most effective and immediate forms of communication, playing an important role in conditioning consumer choices. People remember the mix of pictures, colours and symbols because brands are increasingly part of our collective imagination and arouse strong feelings. . The Il Sole 24 Ore newspaper in association with Interbrand has drawn up a top ten of the most valuable Italian brands. The study highlights several businesses that are often no longer Italian from a strictly corporate viewpoint, but remain so in spirit. Gucci is one of the richest brands: more than 7 billion euro, whilst Armani is worth around 3.1 billion, Ferrari 3 billion and Pirelli almost 2.3 billion. Indeed, the company with the elongated P logo was one of the few to advise the value of its brand. Obviously, in order to perform such a calculation, Economic Value Added is utilised, i.e. the indicator that allows measurement of the value created by business. The Pirelli brand therefore takes its place amongst the most internationally famous “Italians” such as Barilla, Tods and Ferrero, to name but a few.