Three websites for tyre customization

After their introduction in grand style at the Geneva Auto Show, Pirelli Color Edition tyres are already available for pre-order for a range of luxury cars through three Pirelli websites designed specifically to help customers learn about and customize the tyres for their luxury vehicle or sports car. The sites include: color.pirelli.com, the landing page for this new product; shop.pirelli.com, the site for pre-orders; and Connected Roads, the news and information hub within Pirelli’s global site (pirelli.com). At color.pirelli.com , the site dedicated to the Pirelli Color Edition line, visitors will find two main tools to help them: “Configure”, used to select the right colour of tyre for a selection of car models, featuring the ability to see the tyres in action and to share the results on social media; and “Pre-order”, which redirects users to the e-commerce site at shop.pirelli.com to pre-order tyres for their car (for the car models selected). Color.pirelli.com includes a sneak peek at the Pirelli Connesso system, which will be available as of this summer in the United States and beginning this autumn in Europe. Pirelli Connesso is a system integrated into the tyre that features a sensor connected to an app to provide drivers with a series of crucial data on how the tyre is functioning, while also giving users access to a range of personalized services. The user experience on the site shop.pirelli.com begins with visitors selecting the model of car they own, or sending feedback, if desired, in the event a certain model isn’t yet included in the list. The next step, then, is to select the tyre size followed by the colour of the tyre, which can be selected from among all of the various Pantone colours. The pre-order process concludes by entering the general details of the customer and indicating the preferred tyre shop, if any, for installation. Both of these sites, color.pirelli.com and shop.pirelli.com, are available in nine countries: China, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Russia, Switzerland, the U.K. and the U.S. Finally, in addition to news and information, the Connected Roads hub presents a variety of banners that direct users back to the shop and to the Color Edition site.