Travelling companions that have no fear of winter

Winter is at the door and now is the time to start making arrangements for your own safety and that of others by fitting specially developed truck tyres that have been specifically designed to provide the best possible performance in winter weather. Pirelli recommend the use of winter tyres when temperatures drop below  4° C. The same advice applies for twisty snow or ice covered roads, moderately steep hills or even flat surfaces. To make journeys safer, Pirelli offers a range of innovative truck tyres that combine the latest generation compounds with new tread patterns. Pirelli's aim is to ensure the highest possible standard of safety even in the event of heavy snow falls or on cold roads. The Pirelli range includes the FW:01 (with 11 sizes for steering axles) and TW:01 lines with 9 different sizes available  for powered axles. Both lines are marked M+S and have been developed by Pirelli engineers to provide better grip, traction and shorter braking distances in the event of heavy snow fall and low temperatures. The special compounds used combine with innovative tread patterns to “capture” the snow and provide the maximum “snow on snow" grip to ensure safety and control for vehicles even in extreme weather conditions. Like their Series:01 counterparts, the FW:01 and TW:01 lines are also friendly for the environment as they create low noise levels, can be easily retreaded, have excellent tyre wear versus mileage properties and thanks to their low rolling resistance reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. . http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aVCHql2CV40&feature=share&list=UURcfcmDBCczrnod3uLDWsTA