Troy Bayliss at SBK peace with standard road tyres

Kyalami, 4th December - The new Ducati 1098 presented at Kyalami represents an important goal for Pirelli.
The new bike was designed with an approach that Ducati engineers are used to call "Reduce to the max".
Reduce: everything which is not significant, not necessary or useful, doesn't find a place on the bike.
To the max: only the best technical solutions and the best components are entitled to this bike.
This simple but effective statement was used in the presentation to the international press by Ducati Corse CEO Claudio Domenicali, who is also Ducati Motor Technical Director, for introducing Pirelli as Original Equipment tyre supplier.
When a few minutes later the testers were riding the bike in the technical and fast circuit of Kayalami, they could test the main benefits of this choice appreciating most of all the great grip and the predictable behaviour of the DRAGON SUPERCORSA PRO which is fitting the bike with the sizes 120/70 and 190/55.

Journalists could try to exploit the huge potential of the bike, and therefore they appreciated the improvements that the new size is providing, thanks to the new profile and the wider contact patch.
This new bike will race next season in the Superstock1000 FIM CUP, and Mr Troy Bayliss, special guest at the event and most of all World Champion of SBK with the Ducati 999, tested it "on his way".
Troy made three laps and then entered the pits. A few chats, a sip of water and a first comment: "They bike is good, tyres are great. I like the track. Later we can do some times!"
Journalists were already convinced they were using a great package, but when Troy started to push harder he proved it in a way no one can ever forget.
After a few laps to learn the racetrack, Troy started to check his laptimes and set the incredible time of 1.47.7
There could be no better way for Pirelli to demonstrate the incredible quality of this OE tyre which allowed Troy Bayliss not only to have fun but to do a laptime that is faster - on a road bike - of the race pace of the South African Superbike Championship.