Update of information document on stock option plans

Milan, 3 August 2010 – Attached is the Information Document (Italian version) on the Pirelli & C. SpA stock option plans called "Pirelli to People" and "Group Senior Executive", launched in 2001. The Document, drawn up in accordance with Article 84-bis of the Consob Regulations 11971/1999, previously published on 17 September 2007 and 3 April 2008, includes updatings on the strike price and on the stock option ratio following the reverse stock split of ordinary and savings shares of the Company (in a ratio of one new share for every 11 shares in the same category  held), which went into effect on 26 July 2010. In particular, following the reverse stock split, the strike price of the stock options changes from 0.996 Euros to 10.956 Euros. PDF Version (166KB)