World MX - Round 1, Sevlievo (BG)

Three GP wins, clean sweep of all the motos, and the lead of three championships. It was a truly fantastic weekend for Pirelli Scorpion MX at the Grand Prix of Bulgaria for the first round of fifteen in the World Championship. Domination like this at the beginning of the series could not have been anticipated but once again proves the superior technology and performance of Pirelli product. The MidSoft 32 literally monopolised MX1 and was used by the first six riders in the classification, and again was prevalent in MX2 with Marvin Musquin while the Women’s World Championship was added to the streak by German Stephanie Laier. WEATHER   Sun     TEMPERATURE  23° HUMIDITY  62%     TERRAIN          Dirt

CairoliBGMX1 The first round of the world championship was a showcase for the formidability of the MidSoft 32 front and rear that booted the first six bikes listed in the final classification. With 1st and 2nd in the motos the overall win went to 2009 vice-champion Max Nagl, who beat new team-mate Antonio Cairoli whose excellent win in the second moto went along with his 5th place earlier in the day. 2008 champion David Philippaerts, performed well and showed with the new factory Yamaha he will be in contention for another title. The Italian finished in between works Rockstar Teka Suzuki riders Clement Desalle and Steve Ramon, also running Scorpion MX and were in front of Ken De Dycker who was 6th overall. In the top ten Pirelli-mounted riders also included Joshua Coppins, 9th with the twin cylinder Aprilia and debutant Davide Guarneri in 10th. Overall Classification: 1.  Max Nagl                    KTM 2.  Antonio Cairoli          KTM 3.  Clement Desalle       Suzuki 4.  David Philippaerts    Yamaha 5.  Steve Ramon             Suzuki Championship standings: 1.  Max Nagl                      KTM Team Red Bull De Carli              47 2.  Antonio Cairoli            KTM Team Red Bull De Carli              41 3.  David Philippaerts      Yamaha Team Yamaha Monster     36 4.  Clement Desalle          Suzuki Team Teka                              36 5.  Steve Ramon               Suzuki Team Teka                              34

MusquinBGMX2 Marvin Musquin and the Pirelli Scorpion MX literally disappeared from the rest of the field in MX2. The Frenchman used the factory KTM with MidSoft 32 front and rear and escaped the attentions of Ken Roczen to won both motos ahead of the German Teka Suzuki rider. It was a surprising grand prix for Red Bull KTM’s Jeffrey Herlings, who on his grand prix debut defied his lack of experience to take fourth overall. In 8th was Scottish team-mate Shaun Simpson, who was recovering from a hand injury. Overall Classification: 1.  Marvin Musquin       KTM 2.  Ken Roczen             Suzuki 3.  Steven Frossard       Kawasaki 4.  Jeffery Herlings       KTM 5.  Arnaud Tonus          Suzuki Championship standings: 1.  Marvin Musquin     KTM Team Red Bull Factory     50 2.  Ken Roczen           Suzuki Team Teka                   44 3.  Steven Frossard     Kawasaki Team CLS                 38 4.  Jeffery Herlings     KTM Team Red Bull Factory     36 5.  Arnaud Tonus        Suzuki Team Teka                    34