World MX – Round 15 – Fermo (IT)

The Grand Prix of Italy further served to highlight the dominance of the Pirelli Scorpion MX tyre after winning the MX1 World Championship at the Grand Prix of Brazil, the MX2 title and the Veteran’s World Cup two weeks later at Lierop for the Grand Prix of Benelux and then finally the fourth crown with the Women’s World Championship thanks to the efforts of German Stephanie Laier in Italy. Victory in the premier class on the day belonged to Clement Desalle, who also confirmed the runner-up position in the MX1 series. WEATHER Sunny TEMPERATURE 25° HUMIDITY 63% TERRAIN Dirt MX1

The MX1 division was decided with two rounds remaining as a result of the skill and speed of Antonio Cairoli and although the Sicilian did not finish the motos in Italy due to a twisted ankle he did climb the final podium ceremony as champion thanks in part to his devastating use of the Scorpion MidSoft 32 front and rear during the season. To the side of the champion were another 12 Pirelli riders filling the first 13 positions. In second and winner of the overall Grand Prix in Italy was works Suzuki rider Clement Desalle who was still suffering from a heavy crash in Holland last week. The Belgian was runner-up in 2010 ahead of Yamaha’s David Philippaerts, who unluckily twisted his knee in the final moto of the season. 5th place on the track allowed Max Nagl to rise to 4th in the standings and sit in front of Steve Ramon, who finished behind his team-mate Desalle in Fermo steering the Suzuki with Scorpion MidSoft 32 front and rear. Overall Classification 1.         Clement Desalle         Suzuki 2.         Steve Ramon              Suzuki 3.       Sebastien Pourcel        Kawasaki 4.       Xavier Boog               Kawasaki 5.         Max Nagl                    KTM Final Championship standings 1.         Antonio Cairoli         KTM              Team Red Bull De Carli         625 2.         Clement Desalle       Suzuki         Team Teka                              537 3.         David Philippaerts    Yamaha     Team Yamaha Monster         502 4.         Max Nagl                  KTM               Team Red Bull De Carli         498 5.         Steve Ramon            Suzuki          Team Teka                              491 MX2

As with the premier class the MX2 division aptly demonstrated the potency of the Pirelli Scorpion MX with 11 riders from the top 15 classified benefitting from the rubber. At the Italian round world champion Marvin Musquin, riding the official KTM booted with Scorpion MidSoft 32 front and rear on the hard-pack like the rest of the Pirelli collective, had to retire from the second race with a painful arm after a small crash. He had finished second to Ken Roczen earlier in the day. Second on the podium was Yamaha’s Gautier Paulin, with finishes of 4th and 3rd in the motos, while Belgian Joel Roelants was 5th overall. Thanks to 6th place in Italy American Zach Osborne was able to capture 4th spot in the final championship table. Overall Classification 1.         Ken Roczen              Suzuki 2.         Gautier Paulin            Yamaha 3.         Arnaud Tonus           Suzuki 4.         Steve Frossard          Kawasaki 5.         Joel Roelants              KTM Final Championship standings 1.        Marvin Musquin         KTM                 Team Red Bull Factory          635 2.       Ken Roczen          Suzuki              Team Teka                         574 3.     Steven Frossard     Kawasaki          Team CLS                             478 4.    Zach Osborne            Yamaha            Team Yamaha Bike-it           397 5.        Joel Roelants            KTM                 Team JM Racing                     396