The Diablo product line represents the synthesis of Pirelli's philosophy towards motorcycle tyres.
Thanks to the continuous development work born from our racing activities we have instigated a revolution in the world of tyres, and presented the results to the final user.

The Diablo Superbike was the first product born in this new era. The Technicians and Engineers from Pirelli have worked in collaboration with professional World Superbike riders, in the form of development teams. One development team represents each and every one of the constructors in the World Championship and this ensures that our products offer the best level of performance on every kind of motorcycle.

This same principle has carried on to the birth of another new product, and once again, thanks to the collaboration of our riders, there is another Diablo set to benefit regular motorcyclists. Once again, therefore, there is a new Diablo.

The new  Diablo Corsa III - Three zone compound - is not a tyre destined solely to be used in elite racing circles; Pirelli has developed it to allow owners of modern Supersport machines to draw full advantage from the benefits of Pirelli being the official supplier to the entire SBK paddock.
The new product is therefore a link between the road and the benefits of track development: the Diablo III, and its three zone compound has rendered such a step possible.
A tyre that marries the needs of the track and the road, allied to a front that offers sure and effective performance to all riders.
Diablo gives maximum performance to everyone, the possibility to live out every emotion on the road, to rely on the high level of performance you should expect, and do so on track as much as the road. In the corners or on the endless freeway, on dry surfaces as smooth and grippy as a racetrack, or on a wet and bumpy road.
The performance of the Diablo Corsa III is just as assured for the normal customer as it is for those with the most extreme demands: it is not created only to let professionals take advantage of its abilities, it does not need the exaggerated lean angles allowed by its softer shoulder compounds to justify its existence.

What it serves is the riders' passion, it brings out the best in each rider's emotions, to give the end user a greater experience of the possibilities of his riding world.