Diablo Super Biker, The iPhone Application

Diablo Super Biker is a new free iPhone application designed by Pirelli for motorcyclists who want to measure their track and road performance in real time. The app will provide the distances travelled on your bike, speed, lean angle and lap time directly on your iPhone. With just a few touches you can display data and check your riding skills. Simply set the iPhone in either road or track mode, jump on the saddle and ride off: the application records data whilst travelling. Diablo Super Biker offers a host of functions and utilises iPhone 4 GPS technology, allowing you to measure the bike’s lean angle when cornering. Furthermore, by using Google Maps you can “photograph” your performance in certain situations and follow the route on the map. At any given time it is possible to display the routes you have taken, compare the results obtained and share them on Facebook® directly from the app. The Diablo Super Biker application is compatible with any iPhone (iPhone 4 is needed to measure the lean angle) running operating system version 4.2 or higher. You can download Diablo Super Biker from both Apple StoreSM and iTunes®. Last but not least, the Pirelli’s mobile app for riders for, on the occasion of the Italian ITC show SMAU 2011, has been awarded in the category ”Utilities, Tools and Productivity” entering the Top 5 App of Mob App Awards, an initiative promoted by the Observatories of the School of Management of Politecnico di Milano in collaboration with SMAU and Wireless4Innovation. Diablo Super Biker received the recognition from over 260 participant apps for being among the best Consumer Mobile Device Apps.