European label Series:01™ go to the limit

The revolution that is sweeping across the whole tyre sector is now ready to roll. This November will see the mandatory introduction of the European label. This label is a sort of Identity Card for tyres that shows what rolling resistance, external noise and wet braking category they belong to. Pirelli warmly welcome the introduction of these labels as an excellent way of helping end users gather the information they need in choosing new tyres. In anticipation of the new laws, Pirelli have already published the European label values for Series:01 truck tyres. This information can be found on all Pirelli product websites including local sites. These values confirm the excellent rolling resistance performance and wet grip properties. Just one phrase sums up Series:01 truck tyres "Go to the limit in terms of safety". Although these elements are of great importance, other factors are also taken into consideration in the design and development of tyres: retreadability, tyre wear versus mileage, performance on snow for winter tyres plus many other aspects to ensure the most balanced performance possible in every segment of use.