First official 2024 testing with Pirelli for Moto2™ and Moto3™

On the Monday following the final Grand Prix of this year, in Valencia riders and teams will carry out the first official test with the tyres they will use starting from 2024

At the end of the final Grand Prix of this season, on Monday 27 November, teams and riders of the Moto2™ and Moto3™ Championships will stay one more day at the Circuit Ricardo Tormo in Valencia for the first official 2024 test with Pirelli tyres, following the private one carried out with positive results at the beginning of September in Barcelona.
This will be the last day of testing for this year before next season, which will officially inaugurate the Pirelli era in Moto2™ and Moto3™ with the official tests taking place in Jerez de la Frontera from 28 February to 1 March 2024 before the first Grand Prix in Qatar.
The tyres available to the riders for the Valencia test are the same ones already used in Barcelona, both in terms of sizes and compounds. These are the DIABLO™ Superbike slicks and the DIABLO™ Rain wet tyres. Not prototype tyres but standard products, meaning they can be purchased by any motorcyclist because they are regularly on sale.

Another important test in preparation for 2024 season
“Barcelona was a first private test and it took place in ‘plug & play’ conditions, that is without being able to set the bike up as best as possible given that the teams and riders were still in the middle of their respective championships. However, the feedback was very positive and in that case the objective was, above of all, to verify whether the sizes and compounds we selected were the right choice. In this sense, Barcelona was an excellent proving ground given that it is a rather demanding circuit for the tyres. Now we have the chance to carry out the first official test for 2024, in this case once the Championship has concluded and on a track with different characteristics: short straights, except for the start/finish one, and many rather slow corners ridden in low gears. A track that is not particularly demanding, but narrow, and that often sees the riders in ‘lean’. It will be a good opportunity to check once more our tyre performance - given that in Valencia too we will have exactly the same options already used in the first test, to start in 2024 our first season as sole suppliers of the Moto2 and Moto3 Championships in the best possible way."

·     Slick: Front 125/70 R17 – Rear 200/65 R17
·     Rain: Front 120/70 R17 – Rear 200/60 R17
Allocation per rider
·     Slick: Front 3 SC1 (soft) and 3 SC2 (medium) – Rear 3 SC0 (soft) and 3 SC1 (medium)
·     Rain: 2 set (Front + Rear) of SCR1
Recommended hot pressure range (after tyre warmers)
·     Slick: Front 2.2/2.4 bar (32/35 psi) – Rear 1.65/1.8 bar (24/26 psi)
·     Rain: Front 2.3/2.4 bar (33.4/35 psi) – Rear 2.0/2.2 bar (29/32 psi)
·     Slick: Front 100/70 R17 – Rear 120/70 R17
·     Rain: Front 100/70 R17 – Rear 125/70 R17
Allocation per rider
·     Slick: Front 3 SC1 (soft) and 3 SC2 (medium) – Rear 3 SC1 (soft) and 3 SC1 (medium)
·     Rain: 2 set (Front + Rear) of SCR1
Recommended hot pressure range (after tyre warmers)
·     Slick: Front 1.8/2.0 bar (26/29 psi) – Rear 1.7/1.9 bar (24.5/27.5 psi)
·     Rain: Front and Rear 1.9 bar (27.5 psi)
More information on tyre allocation and testing schedule are available in the infographic below.

Note for media:
Access to the circuit on Monday 27 November will be guaranteed to all permanent media pass holders and to accredited media for the Valencia Grand Prix.