H:01 COACH, comfort, durability and safety for the passengers

A range that guarantees high standards of safety and efficiency, together with excellent levels of comfort for both driver and passengers. With the H:01 COACH, Pirelli is further specialised in the long-haul transport of people on motorways and highways. The FH:01 COACH range is sold in 295/80 R 22.5 size (with an increased load index of 154/149 M) for all axles. There is also the TH: 01 COACH in 295/80 R 22.5 TH: 01 COACH, specifically for drive axle equipment. The TH:01 COACH tyres carry the 3PMSF (as well as M+S) markings, guaranteeing strong traction performance even on snowy surfaces. The new products have been designed by perfecting tyres already in the catalogue, optimising performance according to their specific use, in line with the growing specialisation seen in the market and in vehicles for this type of transport. The result is the H:01 COACH line: tyres conceived specifically for passenger transport, particularly long-distance travel over long-haul roads and highways that produce less severe wear. The FH:01 COACH products (already on the market) for all axles and the TH:01 (coming soon) specific for drive axles, have both been designed to meet the demands of a very particular clientele: fleet managers, drivers and passengers. Safety is the number one requirement for everyone; however, fleet managers also focus on low-cost management (high mileage, low fuel consumption and low rolling resistance). The passenger demands comfort, while the driver wants steering precision. Pirelli has drawn on its vast experience and innovative technologies, further perfecting its products for Coach vehicles with an eye to balancing performance. The innovations for this product line involve both the structure and materials: the reinforced heel and new compounds increase tyre life, offering greater mileage and retreadability. Compared to the previous generation, the new H:01 COACH products introduce a reinforced bead in the already strong structure of the Series:01, which is characterised by technology including SATT (three sandwich belt), HBW (hexagonal bead wire) FRC (fully rubberised cord) and DLTC (dual layer tread compound). All this improves resistance and provides greater ease of reconstruction, while also increasing comfort: guaranteed by a structure that is specifically designed to better absorb irregularities in the road and contain road noise. The FH:01 COACH and the TH:01 COACH maintain the same tread pattern design as the H:01 range, which have already shown excellent performance in terms of both safety and durability.