MEA Region, we present the new truck tyres Series 01

Following Europe and Turkey, the innovative Series 01 of truck tyres is introduced to the markets of continental Africa and the Arabian Gulf. To be more precise, they are hitting the markets of the Middle East & Africa (MEA) region. Based on SATT(Spiral Advanced Technology for Truck) which is a further development in Zero-Degree technology, the Series 01 range embraces a generation of products offering exceptional driving performance and safety over long distances or for mixed transport on the road and on site. Furthermore, these tyres are eco-friendly with lower noise emissions, weight and fuel consumption and consequent reduction in C02 emissions. After the three new product lines (R:01, G:01, ST:01) unveiled in Turkey last September to dealers, fleets and journalists from Europe and Turkey, Pirelli continues with its strategy of gradually introducing the 01 Series to all regions. Pirelli’s facility in Izmit, Turkey once again proved the ideal stage in order to illustrate the 01 Series’ full potential to leading dealers from the Middle East and Africa. Guests visited the truck tyre centenary exhibition and had a close-up view of the new R:01, G:01, ST:01 product lines, as well as the H88 and new 325/95 R 24 TT. This last-named is an innovative size featuring increased carrying capacity and will replace the 12.00 R 24 that is very popular in Gulf markets. These new developments represent a big step forward in the performance stakes. The visit to the Truck, Motorsport and F1™ tyre manufacturing facilities also aroused great interest.