New Volley: a reinterpretation of the Pzero sneaker

The New Volley is the highlight of the Pzero shoe collection for spring/summer 2014. It is a reinterpretation and redesign of the historic sneaker with the double eyelet logo designed in 1982 by the famous Dutch designer Bob Noorda. Noorda was Pirelli’s art director in the 1960s and the creator of the well-known "Cinturato" advertising campaign. The New Volley is a vulcanized sneaker in fabric and nylon with a leather outer and is characterised by a yellow ultra-light technic lining. It is an urban chic sneaker for men and it is currently on sale at Pirelli’s Corso Venezia 1 Flagship store, in Milan. It is available in six different colours: bright blue, greenfinch, grey, orange, blue and white. In a globalized, interconnected world, the New Volley is the ideal footwear for the contemporary man. http://pirellipzero.com