P Zero, high-tech for high performance

The P Zero Collection is Pirelli's family of Ultra High Performance products developed for the most sporting cars and the most demanding motorists seeking driving pleasure combined with safety.
Introduced in 1987, the P Zero dominates the high-end segment in which Pirelli is recognized as the world market leader. Comfort, high performance and reliability characterise the P Zero products, the tyres of choice as original equipment on the leading models from Ferrari's longestablished partners Ferrari, Lamborghini, Audi, Aston Martin, Maserati, Bentley, Jaguar, Mercedes, Alfa Romeo, Porsche and BMW.

The new P Zero series (launched in 2007) comprises the P Zero Nero and the P Zero Rosso, road tyres conceived for sports cars, and the P Zero Corsa System with a race-bred soul. The P Zero is also one of the tyres developed by Pirelli for the 2008 World Rally Championship for which the Milan-based firm is the sole supplier through to 2010. It is no coincidence that a rally and racetrack heritage is common to all the P Zero products.

New P Zero. The latest addition to the family that in less than a year has become a point of reference for the most sporting cars. The new P Zero is the most technologically advanced product to come out of Pirelli research and offers the most demanding drivers unprecedented performance in all areas: sportiness, comfort and safety thanks to multiple innovative features developed by Pirelli and protected by 5 patents. The tread pattern is innovative, the compounds futuristic and the structure revised.

P Zero Rosso. An Ultra High Performance tyre designed to combine sports performance with acoustic comfort thanks to an asymmetric design with broad longitudinal channels and a tread divided into three distinct areas, each conceived to confer particular performance characteristics.

P Zero Nero. A tyre characterised by an asymmetric tread pattern capable of guaranteeing absolute driving safety in all conditions, ensuring excellent grip on wet and dry roads, excellent handling, great resistance to aquaplaning and maximum braking efficiency.

P Zero Corsa. The sports tyre in the P Zero range, designed with two different treads: asymmetric and directional. The characteristics of optimum grip through corners, in acceleration and under braking make it particularly suitable for use on track as well as on the road in extreme driving conditions.