P Zero™ Nero GT: performance and more sizes

Pirelli introduces the new P Zero™ Nero GT, another important part of its Premium strategy. P Zero Nero GT is a further step up the ladder from the current P Zero Nero and guarantees better performance and a wider range of sizes for those consumers wishing to fit Pirelli to their sports saloons and sports cars, even when replacing the tyres for the second or third time. The extension GT, used in the racing world to indicate a high-performance, luxury vehicle designed for long-distance driving, is perfectly suited to the characteristics of the new Pirelli product. Tread materials and design have been optimised, also thanks to the latest technological developments. The new compound contains a balanced amount of silica in order to provide reduced wear (life extended by around 20% compared to the current P Zero Nero), but without affecting the new tyre’s sporty characteristics under either wet or dry conditions. The improvements to the tread pattern mean that the new P Zero Nero GT will add to the pleasure of driving the latest, luxury, Grand Touring vehicles improved handling, stability and safety, whilst maintaining a very high level of driving comfort. We should also remember the lower noise level throughout the life of the tyre. In conclusion, 11 new sizes have been introduced in order to match the requirements of the very latest vehicle models. These extensions mean that the P Zero Nero GT achieves market coverage in Europe exceeding 90% for each rim diameter larger than 16”: with a total of 60 sizes, this is one of the most complete UHP lines the market currently has to offer.