P7™ Corsa Classic, an updated success story

Midway through the 70s, the Pirelli P7 TM “revolution” was a mix of previously-unseen technology and performance. Tubeless, radial, ultra-low profile and 0° nylon belt were the innovative features that made it famous. There were also other “revolutionary” features such as doubled contact area, structural stability even at high speeds and possibility of fitting large-diameter rims. This success led to the introduction of the P7 TM Corsa in the late 70s, delivering levels of performance that rallying had never witnessed up until then. And Pirelli now breathes new life into the rally cars of that period with the P7 TM Corsa Classic, an innovative reinterpretation of the original. Whilst looking very similar on the outside to its “ancestor”, the heart of the P7 TM Corsa Classic has undergone a complete, environmentally-friendly update thus delivering a captivating driving experience in complete safety. The result is a tyre also homologated for road use that meets the requirements of those who race in historic rally cars. Semi-slick on the outer area for maximum side grip, the tread pattern has a solid centre rib to ensure precise steering, whilst the inner area has grooves to channel water away from the contact area. Extremely versatile, the P7 TM guarantees top performance under all weather conditions and is available in sizes with a both 15" rim diameter and the 16" diameter originally adopted by the Lancia Rally 037 and Delta S4.