Pirelli and Ducati introduce the SC-Rumble

A two-wheel artwork. Pirelli and Ducati, long-standing partners which have already collaborated to create the new MT60™ RS fitted as original equipment on the new Scrambler,  have commissioned Vibrazioni Art Design to design a special edition of the SC-Rumble. Based on the Ducati Scrambler, each side of the fuel tank has a rubber sheet which is laser inscribed with the tread pattern of the Pirelli MT60™ RS tyres along with the Ducati Scrambler logo. The SC-Rumble keeps the original equipment Pirelli MT60™ RS tyres mounted on solid wheels. The factory frame was shortened at the rear and all the original superstructures were removed in favour of a monocoque frame made from recycled industrial sheet metal bins, hand hammered and shaped, maintaining the original colours. The monocoque frame was then painted with a glossy finish polyurethane clear coat. The top fairing, made from hand-shaped aluminium, houses the billet aluminium headlight, with a smoked lens that has a circular LED light guide inside - inspired by the factory Ducati Scrambler headlight. The high exhaust is based on the dedicated Termignoni aftermarket model with a hand-crafted silencer. The MT60™ RS, which is already a reference product in the enduro street segment thanks to its ability to combine sport street performance with traction on unpaved roads, has been completely redesigned by Pirelli for the four versions of the Scrambler: Icon, Urban Enduro, Full Throttle and Classic. The Scrambler Ducati comes with 3.00’’ x 18’’ front wheels and the 5.50’’ x 17’’ rear fitted with the MT60™ RS 110/80 R18 tyres front and 180/55 R17 rear. The Pirelli tyres were specifically created for the Scrambler with a unique knob design providing excellent performance on any surface. watch?v=RJq-cOuw9Fs