Milan, Italy, March 24, 2021 — Pirelli announces today that the U.S.-based company Quality Bicycle Products will be a new distributor of the Pirelli Cycling tire range for the North American market. This is a natural step for Pirelli to further its role in the North American cycling market and continue its 110-year-old premium sports tradition.

Aligning with the Company’s strong key values, as Pirelli is a recognized world leader in sustainability, bicycles are a sustainable medium with zero environmental impact.

Pirelli offers a comprehensive line of bicycle tires that span the range of mountain bike, road, gravel, urban and e-Bike, all made with the highest-quality rubber compounds and technologies. QBP will be in charge of distributing Pirelli’s full cycling tire range: the Scorpion MTB tire line with the new Scorpion E-MTB, the P ZERO™ Race tire family with the new P ZERO™ Race TLR and the P ZERO™ Race and P ZERO™ Road clincher tires, Cinturato™ Velo road tire, the Cinturato™ Gravel range, and the Cycl-e urban range with the recently launched Cycl-e WT.

Pirelli chose to collaborate with QBP for the North American market because of its success as the largest distributor of bicycle parts and accessories in the cycling industry with its extraordinary history of partnering with world-class vendors and providing a high inventory of the best cycling products in the world to more than 5,000 bike shops. QBP’s values of partnering strategically and contributing to the community align with Pirelli, as QBP offers comprehensive training and educational tools to retailers and bike shop employees to help enable retailers to differentiate industry products and brands and to advance the overall prosperity of the bike industry.

“Pirelli has always been synonymous with racing heritage and innovation,” said QBP Distribution Product Manager, Aaron Martin. “With Pirelli cycling tires, consumers are able to experience innovative technology that benefits from Pirelli’s heritage of excellence. Pirelli has grand plans for North America with the means to achieve these goals and we are proud to add them as a partner of QBP.”

“We are confident that QBP will elevate the longstanding reputation and legacy of Pirelli, and expand our already loyal retailer and consumer relationships with enhanced sales and broader reach capabilities throughout North America,” said Pirelli CEO of North America, Pietro Berardi. “QBP is just as ambitious as Pirelli, and we know that they will help us reach and exceed our objectives with distinction, integrity and merit.”

QBP is a premier and main distributor of P&A in North America and has a renowned legacy of successful partnerships. The partnership with Pirelli and QBP will further expand the Pirelli community in North America to help deliver Pirelli’s premium brand and bicycle tire line. QBP will be an excellent addition and complement the existing distribution network of Pirelli tires, which includes HLC in the U.S. and Canada, and KASK America in the U.S.

Published on: 24 March 2021, 16:30 CET