Pirelli at the forefront of Ferrari World Finals in Daytona with more than 5000 tyres

Ferrari’s festival of motorsport runs from 1-4 december, equipped by Pirelli

New tyre sizes for the latest Ferrari F488 challenge car

Pirelli’s engagement in the Ferrari Challenge has used 15,000 tyres on nearly 700 cars throughout 18 events on three continents this year. And a record number of Pirelli tyres will be supplied this weekend in Daytona: the first time that the Ferrari World Finals are being held in America, having previously taken place in Italy and Abu Dhabi. The Ferrari World Finals bring together the European, North American and Asia Pacific editions of the Ferrari Challenge to elect a champion of champions through a series of races in equal Ferrari 458 Challenge Evo cars. This is the biggest presence Pirelli has ever had in the competition, with no fewer than 5382 tyres being supplied this weekend. As well as the Ferrari Challenge cars, there will be an appearance from Ferrari’s Formula 1 stars plus a display of both historic and modern F1 cars. There will also be a demonstration of the Ferrari XX programme, which is intended not just as a test bed for future car evolutions but also future tyre evolutions. Much of the work on Pirelli’s intelligent Cyber Tyre was carried out using a Ferrari FXX, as the Italian firm continues its research into the tyres of tomorrow. The relationship between Pirelli and the Ferrari Challenge has been in existence since 1993, when the championship used the Ferrari 348 and now it continues into the future with the Ferrari F488 challenge car, which will be presented in Daytona. This will wear tailor-made Pirelli P Zero tyres in new sizes, which offer a larger contact patch (increased by 15%) yet with 5% less weight, reflecting the technical progress made by Pirelli on both competition and road car tyres. The new sizes are 275/675-19 on the front and 315/705-19 at the rear. Already, 2017 is shaping up to be another record year for Pirelli and the Ferrari Challenge. Pirelli’s motorsport director Paul Hembery said: “Pirelli and Ferrari share a competitive spirit enhanced by the unique flair of Italian engineering technology, and this will be the real highlight of the Daytona weekend. It’s a privilege for us to be chosen to equip all these fantastic cars, from the Formula 1 cars that will be demonstrated, to the Ferrari Challenge cars that will actually compete, as well as all the exciting road cars such as the LaFerrari Aperta that will also be present. Our presence in North America has been further enhanced by the opening of the P Zero World store in California and we’re delighted to extend that profile by playing a prominent role in the Ferrari World Finals at such an iconic American venue.”


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