The 2019 Supplier Awards recognized 9 suppliers from around the world

Milan, 26 September 2019 – Quality, capacity for innovation, speed and global coverage of supply were the key elements guiding the selection for the 2019 Supplier Awards. Pirelli gives the award to nine of its more than 10,000 suppliers at the global level. The Supplier Awards acknowledge the companies that have distinguished themselves by making Pirelli’s supply chain more sustainable, innovative and qualitatively excellent, thus contributing to making Pirelli’s products always more High Value, in line with the company’s strategy.

Pirelli’s General Manager Operations, Andrea Casaluci, and the Chief Procurement Officer, Pierluigi de Cancellis, presented the awards to the nine suppliers, of raw materials, services and machinery, at a ceremony at the Company headquarter in Milan.

The winners include companies that have over time become true partners, able to develop with the company particularly challenging projects and applications, and suppliers who, even if more recent arrivals, have demonstrated the potential to develop future strategic projects.

This year also included a specific award for Sustainability that for Pirelli is a strategic management model. In 2018, in light of sustainability’s full integration Pirelli’s global supply processes and policies, Pirelli obtained recognition for the compliance of its supply system with the UNI ISO 20400 guidelines.

The following are the winners of the 2019 Pirelli Supplier Award.

Hevea-Tec Industria e Comercio Ltda (Brazil), supplier of natural rubber, awarded in the categories of “Speed” and “Service Level”. The company also won the prestigious Sustainability award for its oversight of social and environmental sustainability along the entire supply chain, through technological innovation and involvement in the field starting for the material’s source.

Quechen Silicon Chemical (China), supplier of silica, awarded in the categories “Quality” and “Speed”,

Kordsa (Turkey), supplier of textile reinforcements, awarded for “Global Presence” and “Service Level”,

Nynas AB (Sweden), supplier of plasticizers oils, awarded in the “Quality” and “Service Level” categories,

Nuova Ciba S.p.A. (Italy), supplier of dosing systems, awarded in the categories of “Quality” and “Service Level”,

Cassioli (Italy), supplier of Handling systems, used in many Pirelli factories with standard and custom systems, awarded for “Global Presence” and “Innovation”,

Accenture, strategic partner for Pirelli’s digital transformation Roadmap, awarded in the categories of “Global Presence” and “Innovation”,

Artic Falls AB (Sweden), supplier of proving grounds for the development of winter products, awarded for “Innovation” and “Service Level”,

Arval Service Lease (France), international partner for long-term auto rental, awarded in the categories of “Service Level” and “Global Presence”.

Pierluigi de Cancellis, Chief Procurement Officer, said: “Pirelli has a Global High Value business model. To achieve its targets, Pirelli needs partners who are able to guarantee not only excellent and always innovative service but who also share values such as attention to people, the environment, customers and brand value. For this reason, we wanted to award companies that share these aims with Pirelli and who have become true partners and not simply suppliers of goods or services.”

Published on: 23 September 2019, 12:22 CET