Pirelli DIABLO CORSA is Original Equipment tyre for the new R1

The Yamaha press launches at Laguna Seca and Qatar have been a tremendous success. We have had two groups of journalists ride the tracks for a whole week in two so far and different racetracks.

In Laguna Seca cold mornings were a concern from both the Yamaha testing staff and the journalists which actually worked to Pirelli's advantage as both parties were astonished at how quickly our Diablo Corsa's heated up and performed.

On the other side on the ractrack of Doha in Qatar the sun was so strong to be a potential problem by overheating the tarmac, but again Diablo Corsa proved to be such a great product that didn't suffered at all.

All of the Yamaha staff and journalists were impressed with the wear characteristics of our tyres and this allowed us to explain to them how our proprietary technology gives these great results, with the tyres performance consistent from beginning to the end.