Pirelli dominated the summer tests

The warmer season is coming and it is time to start testing the summer products on the market. Test drivers of the major car magazines got on the track to pass judgment on the products of the main tyre companies. ADAC, the German automobile club, first and most important in Europe for dimension, TCS, the largest motor club in Switzerland, and ÖAMTC, the most important Austrian automobile club, have just published their verdicts. Pirelli dominated the 15” test with its touring product, Cinturato P1 Verde Pirelli proved to be the BEST IN CLASS in the following tests: wet braking, longitudinal aquaplaning, stability on circular track and internal noise. Pirelli received the final evaluation of “good” (the highest mark) in ADAC and “very recommendable” in TCS and ÖAMTC, along with four other competitors. In the 16’’ test Scorpion Verde confirmed to be one of the top products on the market, ranking third out of 15 products tested. The test highlighted an excellent performance regarding drivability and lateral aquaplaning, as well as fuel and wear consumption. Overall, Scorpion Verde proved itself to be an extremely balanced tyre, with good results in all the tested areas. Pirelli received the final evaluation of “satisfying” in ADAC and “recommendable” in TCS and ÖAMTC. Auto Bild has released the results of the summer tyre test. Cinturato P7 Blue is on 2nd positon of 52 tested tyres. It is the best product in rolling resistance, dry braking, dry handling and wet handling. Sporty-dynamic steering response, shortest braking distance on wet track. Cinturato P7 Blue dominated the dry-braking test, stepping up to the 1st place of the podium. In the tests of the German magazine Auto Zeitung Cinturato P7 Blue got once more on the top positions, ranking 3rd. The test carried out highlighted the great performance and reliability offered by the tyre in both wet and dry surfaces, and in particular: precise and agile steering; neutral self-steering behaviour; driving comfort; safety; speediness and great efficiency. Pirelli received the final evaluation of “Very Recommendable”. Three German magazines tested the new P-Zero. For Auto Bild Sportscars, the P-Zero inspires with precise steering behavior and exemplary dynamic on dry roads. The tyre gives table side guidance and a sporty and dynamic handling on wet road, agile steering behavior with good feedback and short braking distances on a dry track, fuel-saving rolling resistance. For Auto Motor und Sport, the new Pirelli P Zero provides direct steering, excellent precision especially on dry roads, high driving stability and, ultimately, fast lap time, together with excellent cornering grip. Driving comfort is great. For Sport Auto, P-Zero showed excellent handling on dry asphalt as well as low rolling resistance, high steering precision, direct steering response, short braking distances on dry roads. It’s precise with very reliable lateral guidance in fast corners.