Pirelli European MX2 Champion with G. Paulin (Honda)

In Roggenburg (Switzerland) there was a perfect weekend for all the motocross fans. Riders of the EMX2 European Championship had their last race this season. Before the final race many things were still possible. The Championship standing were interesting and open for some changes.

The leader Denny Philippaerts (Italy, Honda) was only six points in front of Gautier Paulin (France, Honda) and everyone expected a big fight between the two riders. That also happened on the track. In the first race Philippaerts was the fastest on the start and he took the lead. But Paulin was coming closer and closer, till he passed Philippaerts and won the first race. Home rider Patrick Walther (Switzerland, Yamaha) finished third. After the first race Paulin gained three points on Philippaerts, and before the second race things were still open.

In the second race Marvin Musquin (France, Kawasaki) had an explosive start, making up for moto one where he did not finish. Then Paulin moved in front of him, and both left Philippaerts behind, with the Italian uncapable of closing the gap. He finished third, but it was not enough for him to win the title.

At the end of the race French rider Paulin got a double win and also the European title. Philippaerts lost by only one point, and of course he was very disappointed about the race. Third place in the Championship went to Khounsith Vongsana (France, KTM), who was fourth today. The top five in the Championship classification finished with another French rider, Marvin Musquin (Kawasaki) in fourth place and Loic Rombaut (Kawasaki) in fifth.