Pirelli introduces the “intelligent” truck and bus tyre one sensor contains all data for safe travel

An electronic sensor allows the tyre “to talk” simultaneously with driver and fleet “control tower”, indicating pressure and temperature Pirelli extends to the haulage sector the technology originally designed for car safety To mark Truck Safety Day, Pirelli carries out a series of comparative tests with the 01 Series Winter, the winter tyre designed for heavy vehicles Pirelli introduces Cyber Fleet, the intelligent tyre designed for road haulage that through an electronic sensor and computer system provides truck driver and fleet manager with up-to-the-minute data regarding the tyre’s condition and the vehicle’s geographical position. Cyber Fleet sees Pirelli extend to the haulage sector the Cyber Tyre technology designed for car tyre safety. The presentation took place at Truck Safety Day, a heavy goods vehicle road safety event held in Livigno where a snow-covered track was used to test the new Pirelli 01 Series winter tyre. Cyber Fleet is the latest in a line of innovative sustainable mobility solutions developed by Pirelli researchers. The new system is designed to provide continuous tyre monitoring, detecting irregularities and ensuring proper maintenance. Tyre quality, maintenance and correct use are essential to road safety: having the correct tyre pressure at all times ensures steering precision and confident braking and cornering, whilst guaranteeing lower running costs by cutting fuel consumption and extending the tyre lifespan. How Cyber Fleet works. Pirelli Research & Development has developed - in partnership with Schrader Electronics, world leader in on-board tyre pressure monitoring technology - an electronic sensor capable of ascertaining the condition of the tyre whilst on the move. The sensor, called TMS (Tyre Mounted Sensor), is fitted to the internal surface of the tyre in order to collect all data regarding the tyre pressure, temperature and identification. The system transmits the data gathered by the sensor simultaneously to the truck driver and fleet manager. The fleet is therefore able to carry out diagnostic and repair procedures, thus guaranteeing maximum safety for each heavy vehicle. The process of interpreting the data is not left solely in the hands of the truck driver, but also the fleet manager who handles the safety of the entire fleet from a remote position. Cyber Fleet will enable the manager to check that the tyres are kept at optimum pressure, such condition being essential for optimising fuel consumption and extending tyre lifespan to the maximum, whilst being aware of the mileage of each tyre, he can also schedule tread wear inspections with tangible benefits as far as safety is concerned. Testing of Cyber Fleet by European and South American fleets will begin in February 2012 ready for marketing this coming September. Comparative testing of Winter and Summer tyres. Safety took centre stage at Truck Safety Day not only with Cyber Fleet, but also 01 Series winter tyres, developed by Pirelli to guarantee maximum performance and safety over medium and long distances on wet, snowy or icy surfaces with temperatures below 4 °C. Tests on the snow highlighted the difference in performance of tyres specially developed for winter use compared to summer tyres. Generous deep siping and the optimised tread block/groove pattern provide excellent “snow-on-snow” grip, guaranteeing reduced braking distances and maximum traction on slippery and snow-covered surfaces (see Winter data sheet). Truck Safety Day confirms Pirelli’s commitment to all aspects of road safety. Last year, the Group’s Truck Division ran an on-line competition open to the views and suggestions of truck drivers on topical road safety issues. Pirelli’s actions are based on the principles of the European Road Safety Charter, of which the Group is a signatory, and aim to increase the knowledge of truck drivers on this subject and promote awareness campaigns as to the importance of using suitable tyres and their correct maintenance for the purposes of road safety.