Pirelli launches a new Tyrecampus

Training of its internal and external resources is a fundamental element for continuous product and technology innovation. The Tyrecampus is a digital marketing tool for Pirelli dealers and sales force to learn about Pirelli’s products. Pirelli has launched a renewed version of its e-learning system aimed at helping to become better tyre consultants for customers.

The new site features a landing page that is visible to all with a restricted area accessible through a simple log-in procedure. After being enrolled, users will receive an email to access the platform. Inside, they will find a tailored training plan, making the learning path suited to each specific cluster or even user. Each PoS has an account where it can add members to its team and assign them Paths to complete. Once the PoS Team has completed its Paths it will receive a certification. Thanks to the mobile friendly adaptability, the users are able to access the platform everywhere from whatever device (smartphone, tablet, PC). The mission is to give the fastest and engaging access to the product knowledge in order to enhance the selling proposition and improve the sales success factor.

The old Tyrecampus platform involved 16.354 users (8.366 active users) in 22 countries. 2.945 users completed the certification path and 1915 of them returned in the platform after the certification. The new platform can now be more effective, simple, complete in contents and engaging. It is studied to improve and consolidate the engagement with the users. A new interface, simpler and faster to navigate, has been tailored on the user: contents are divided into Paths, which contains modules that can be e-learning courses on product or sales; new contents, such as the new P Zero course as well as the upcoming courses on Marked Tyres and Pirelli Technologies, will be delivered this year, other than many other on the pipeline. The new Tyrecampus homepage presents information by relevancy: in “News” there are direct communications from Pirelli, edited by the Local Training Manager.