Pirelli launches color edition P Zero and Winter Sottozero tyres

Pirelli ushers in a new era of tyre-making: drivers will have now a number of different choices available to them when it comes to changing tyres, with the possibility of combining colours as they desire. At the Geneva Motor Show, Pirelli presented coloured edition P Zero and Winter Sottozero tyres. This innovation underlines Pirelli’s entry as a leading player in the digital tyre world and form part of the Italian firm’s ‘tailor-made’ strategy. The Pirelli color edition was born to satisfy the increasing demand for personalisation from prestige and premium clients. Pirelli thanks to its synergy and cooperation with the most prestigious premium and prestige carmakers and thanks to international researches understood there is a growing and demanding market of consumers who want to enhance the design of the car and looking for exclusivity. Pirelli keeps on talking about perfect fit and personalization and Color Edition Tyres are the maximum example of the next generation of customization for the end user. The Pirelli color edition is presented as a super-speciality in proprietary technology, joining other Pirelli specialities such as PNCS (a noise-cancelling system), Run Flat, and Seal Inside (technology allowing a tyre to repair itself in the event of a puncture). The base colours for the coloured edition will be red, yellow, white, and silver, previewed on some of the most eagerly-anticipated cars at the Geneva Motor Show. As well as the base colours, options are available in every other colour on request. The innovations introduced by Pirelli with the color edition of P Zero and Winter Sottozero tyres are two-fold: the variety of colours available, and the stability of the sidewall colours themselves, thanks to Pirelli’s ground-breaking and exclusive technology. Pirelli’s engineers have used the experience gained in FORMULA 1, where coloured tyres have been a reality since 2011, to refine an innovative labelling system. In particular, a new material has been created that acts as a protective barrier to maintain the brilliance of the colour and avoid fading caused by time and use, without affecting performance. Coloured edition tyres are available to pre-order straight away for the P Zero and Winter Sottozero ranges in the prestige sector, from 19-inch size upwards, before then being extended to premium cars.