Pirelli launches the first FORMULA 1 PZero app

Share your passion”. As the Grand Prix season gets underway, Pirelli once again offers all racing fans a gift so that they can share their passion for FORMULA 1. Indeed, Pirelli PZero is the first second screen application (Television of course is the first) that the Milanese company has developed for iPad and you can download it for free from the Apple App Store. Entirely devoted to the world of racing, it enables you to follow driver exploits and car performance minute by minute, keeping yourself up-to-date, sharing and commenting on social networks. You can build your own customised dashboard, choosing your preferred sources of information such as online newspapers, magazines and blogs, Facebook and Twitter contacts and profiles with which to interact in real time. At the heart of the application is the chat facility where users can exchange information about the race and comment on news as soon as it is received. A genuine second screen that can be used both to integrate live TV pictures interactively, whilst on the move to follow the races and the latest paddock news wherever you are and whenever you like, sharing it all with your friends wherever they may be. The Pirelli application also offers exclusive content, revealing the secrets not only of the teams and drivers, but also of the tyres that are once again providing one of the Formula One championship’s main factors. Pirelli PZero app’s exclusive content includes tyre specification sheets, pre and post race infographics showing pit stops, times and team strategies, interviews and comments from Pirelli’s world. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FH2XMJJxhp4