Pirelli launches the Scorpion Verde on mobile platform adopting QR Code technology

From any smart phone, details and updates on the new tyre, as well as information on the Group’s product line, are just a click away Pirelli, the leader in the tyre sector, has adopted QR Code technology, and is now launching Scorpion Verde on Pirelli Tyre’s mobile platform. Tested for the first time in Spain both on the track and the road, the new Pirelli Scorpion Verde tyre is now racing across the Italian Group’s mobile platform. In fact, Pirelli has dedicated a new web section to its new tyre for SUVs and crossovers, with a wealth of information about the Scorpion and the entire Pirelli product line, with articles, pictures, and videos that provide information and emotion, and can be visited at any time. Just a simple operation with a normal smart phone is enough: point the telephone at the two-dimensional barcode printed on the documentation provided with the product, and the phone goes straight to the site. In fact, you can reach the new tyre’s official website not only by typing in m.pirellityre.com into the smart phone, but also by taking a picture of the QR code with the mobile’s videocamera. In this way, you can get all the characteristics of the Scorpion Verde on your personal mobile phone. Software for decoding the QR code can be downloaded for free by going to http://www.i-nigma.com/Download-nigmaReader.html . Yet again, Pirelli has combined technology with innovation and is the first in the sector to choose a new way to communicate its new products: through QR code technology, Pirelli is able to offer additional content that by its nature doesn’t have a place on paper, but that can arrive directly on your mobile phone screen via the web.