Paris, December 15, 2023 - Pirelli P Zero E, the new Ultra High-Performance tyre champion of technology and sustainability, has been awarded with "Tyre of the Year" prize (Prix Point S). The 6th edition of the Automobile Awards brought together 53 brands, including automakers and automotive suppliers, at the Automobile Club de France in Paris. The Automobile Awards jury, made up of 20 equal numbers of men and women, chose to reward Pirelli for performance, innovation, and sustainable development.

The P Zero E is the new tyre that incorporates the latest technical innovations developed by Pirelli to meet the latest trends in electric and sustainable mobility. It is the first UHP tyre on the market with over 55% bio-based and recycled materials[1], which allowed a reduction in the amount of fossil and mineral-derived ingredients (-12 kilograms per tyre set). Moreover, tyre wear (in terms of mass loss) is reduced by 42% compared to traditional UHP Pirelli products. A specific symbol identifying all Pirelli tyres that contain at least 50% sustainable materials has debuted on the P Zero E. This is also the first UHP tyre achieving a triple A rating on the European tyre label across the entire range and offering consistent performance whether the tyre is new or used. This tyre has been specially developed for battery-electric vehicles, as evidenced by the "Elect" marking on every product in the range, which indicates characteristics such as low rolling resistance and reduced noise. RunForward also makes its debut: a new technology from Pirelli that allows the journey to continue even in the event of a puncture (up to 40km at 80 kph), in order to reach the nearest repair center. Advanced virtualization technologies were used throughout the design of this tyre, based on artificial intelligence, neural networks and driving simulation. Pirelli's R&D department increasingly relies on machine learning to predict the performance of each tyre under different driving conditions, even before a physical prototype is produced. These simulation systems are able to predict tyre behavior based on previous developments, enabling us to propose effective solutions.

Alejandro RECASENS, Pirelli’s West Europe Managing Director, received the award and said: "We are extremely proud to have won the "Tyre of the Year" Award. The P ZERO E, which stands for the new generation of Pirelli tyres, is a very important milestone of our commitment to sustainability. Our ambitions and investments in this area are strong: we're aiming for carbon neutrality in our industrial process by 2030 and have science-based targets towards decarbonization of our supply chain as well."

The new Pirelli P Zero E tyre will be initially available in 17 sizes for the aftermarket starting from January 2024.


[1] Thanks to a combination of physical segregation and mass balance approach. Depending on tyre size, bio-based and recycled content ranges between 29-31% and 25-27% respectively. Bio-based materials are natural rubber, textile reinforcements, bio-chemicals, bio-resins and lignin, while recycled materials are metallic reinforcements, chemicals and - through mass balance - synthetic rubber, silica and carbon black. (ISO 14021)
Published on: 15 December 2023, 13:15 CET