Pirelli P Zero™, the only homologated tyres for the Lamborghini Aventador LP 700-4

Both sleek and graceful the Aventador LP 700-4 accentuates the Lamborghini DNA from every angle. Firstly, the Aventador is the epitome of style. The iconic scissor doors contribute to its outstanding design and the slashes through the surface give it a sense of vigor even when the engine is not running. Secondly, comfort is also a strong feature of the car. Weighing slightly over 1500 kg, the 700 horsepower engine takes just 2.9 seconds to reach a speed of 100 km/h - feel the driving comfort even at higher speeds. The pleasure of driving is one of the characteristics Lamborghini looks for in its cars and it’s acknowledged as one of the features of Pirelli P Zero™ Tyres. The specific tread pattern design and robust tyre shoulders offer superb car handling allowing the Aventador LP 700-4 optimum performance both into and throughout cornering, even in the most demanding road conditions. And, last but not least, safety is the element on which both Pirelli and Lamborghini won’t compromise. New compounds and a maximised footprint allow the Pirelli P Zero™ Tyres to reach exceptional levels of safety in braking whilst the specific tread pattern characteristics give the maximum grip even in wet conditions."

Giorgio Sanna, Chief Test Driver Automobili Lamborghini Holding SpA