Pirelli tyres are the Russian people’s best choice. The Italian company won the "Car tyre" category of the Russian prize PEOPLE'S CHOICE BRAND in 2015. The victory shows what a breakthrough the company made in terms of brand awareness in Russia. It also proves the fact that the Pirelli brand is perceived as one of the best by Russian consumers. Pirelli brand awareness in Russia is linked to three different areas: the production of high-quality goods; customer service excellence via the Contact Centre and finally, the dedicated sales force and marketing department responsible for promoting the products. Pirelli achieved the result just four years after buying the Kirov and Voronezh factories. Russia represents a rapidly expanding tyre market with strong growth in the Premium segment, particularly winter tyres, and a high level of replacement. PEOPLE'S CHOICE BRAND award has been awarded since 1998 and today it's the most significant award in terms of brand building on the Russian market, as it is awarded based on consumer opinion on brands nationwide. More than 112,000 people from different Russian regions took part in this year’s survey. Each category in the premium segment is repeated once every two years, so Pirelli has the right to use the premium logo on its goods and in communication until autumn 2017.