Milan, 2 May 2023 – In compliance with that which is foreseen in article 129 of the Regolamento Emittenti Consob 11971/99 (Consob Issuers’ Regulation), find attached the announcement which will be published tomorrow, 3 May 2023, in the daily newspaper “MF”, by the signatories relative to the cessation due to the expiry of the three-year legal term of the shareholder agreement signed on 1 August 2019 by China National Chemical Corporation Limited (“CC”), China National Tire & Rubber Corporation, Ltd. (“CNRC”), Silk Road Fund Co., Ltd., CNRC International Limited (“SPV HK1”), CNRC International Holding (HK) Limited, Fourteen Sundew S.à r.l. (“SPV Lux”), Marco Polo International Italy S.r.l. (“MPI Italy”), Camfin S.p.A. (“CF”) and Marco Tronchetti Provera & C. S.p.A. (“MTP“) (the “Shareholder Agreement”), regarding, among other things, the governance of Pirelli & C. S.p.A. and the effectiveness of which commenced with the publication of the announcement calling the Shareholders Meeting of Pirelli & C. S.p.A. to approve results to 31 December 2019 published on 28 April 2020.

It should be noted, further, that CC, CNRC, SPV HK1, SPV Lux, MPI Italy, CF and MTP, on 16 May 2022, signed an agreement for the renewal of the Shareholder Agreement (“Renewal of the Shareholder Agreement”). The Renewal of the Shareholder Agreement will take effect from the date of publication of the announcement of the call for the Shareholders Meeting of Pirelli & C. S.p.A. to approve results to 31 December 2022 scheduled for 29 June 2023. It should be noted that the Renewal of the Shareholder Agreement was subject, on 6 March 2023, to notification by CNRC to the Presidenza del Consiglio dei Ministri (prime minister’s office) in accordance with the legislative decree of 15 March 2012, no. 21, converted with modifications into law, on 11 May 2012, no. 56, as subsequently modified (“Decreto Golden Power); whose relative procedure at present has not yet been concluded. 

Be informed, in conclusion, that the governance structure of Pirelli will remain unchanged until the Renewal of the Shareholder Agreement takes effect, the provisions of which were communicated at the time of the Renewal of the Shareholders Agreement and are available on the company’s website. 

Published on: 2 May 2023, 18:45 CET