Pirelli: summer tyres on the top again

Milan, 21 May 2007 - Pirelli tyres have been acclaimed for their excellent performance in summer tyre tests conducted by trade publications for many years. Once again in spring 2007, the time-honoured Italian manufacturer's products set high standards for the competition in the summer tyre tests made by German car magazines. Launched earlier this year, the Pirelli P Zero designed for super sports cars has been the predominant test winner in all categories. Similar success has been achieved by the Pirelli P7, which received top test ratings twice in the past. All Pirelli tyres tested, including the P Zero Nero, the Scorpion Zero Asimmetrico, the Scorpion STR and the Camper L6, received top ratings.

The excellent quality of Pirelli tyres was most recently demonstrated in test results published in the current issue of Germany's AutoZeitung trade journal (10/2007). Test experts evaluated eight sets of summer tyres in the standard 245/40 ZR 18 size on an Audi TT 2.0 TFSI. The Pirelli P Zero took top honours with a "highly recommended" rating. According to the panel of judges, "The new P Zero is right on target. It performs perfectly on wet roads and clearly outshines the competitors on dry pavement". In a test of nine ultra-high performance tyres conducted by Sport auto magazine (5/2007), the Pirelli P Zero stole the show thanks to "excellent grip and neutral road handling on dry surfaces".

In a series of exhaustive comparison tests conducted with 16-inch tyres by ADAC motorwelt magazine (03/07), the Pirelli P7 designed for high-performance saloons and estate cars left all 15 competing products behind. According to the testing staff: "The Pirelli outperformed the other tyres on wet surfaces and managed to bridge the gap with low wear characteristics". The P7 received equally high marks from AutoZeitung (05/07). As the test winner, the tyre was acclaimed for its excellent performance on both wet and dry surfaces. The editors from auto motor und sport magazine (7/2007) offered similar praise: "The Pirelli tyre is unrivalled on wet roads: extremely dynamic handling with excellent traction and braking performance". The P7 received a "recommended" rating. Testing specialists from Auto Bild magazine (11/2007) praised the sports-oriented P7 for its "substantial safety reserves in aquaplaning situations" and "well-balanced, stable road performance on wet surfaces".

Auto Bild sportscars magazine (4/2007) took an in-depth look at low-profile 205/45 R 16 tyres designed for high-performance cars. Engineered for the junior UHP segment, the Pirelli P Zero Nero demonstrated well-balanced overall performance. The judges gave the tyre an "exemplary" rating for its "excellent steering precision and dynamic road performance on wet and dry surfaces".

A test of high-performance 20-inch tyres conducted by Powercar magazine (03/2007) resulted in an "excellent" rating for the Pirelli P Zero Nero thanks to "top marks for braking and low drive-by noise levels".

Pirelli celebrated another success in the off-road segment with the Scorpion Zero Assimetrico. Testing conducted by AutoZeitung (9/2007) on loose terrain placed the tyre well ahead of all competing products. The Scorpion STR tyre designed for SUVs also received above-average marks with an "exemplary" rating from Auto Bild alles allrad magazine (4/2007).

The summer holiday season is coming up and recreational vehicle owners who want maximum safety will find just what they're looking for in a top-quality Pirelli tyre. Nine different camper and transporter tyres were tested by experts from promobil magazine on wet and dry roads. Thanks to its excellent performance, the Pirelli Camper L6 received an "excellent" overall rating for "unsurpassed safety on wet surfaces" and "high load-capacity".